Keep Your Yard Looking Its Best This Fall

Fall is a fantastic time of year to take care of outdoor home maintenance projects. The crisp air makes working outside easier, and simple tasks now will make your yard shine brightly come spring. Here’s a short, simple checklist to keep your home looking its best as the leaves continue to fall:

  1. Autumn colors are beautiful, but not on your lawn. Keep your grass free from leaves and other debris that gathers this time of year by raking and bagging regularly. Consider aerating your lawn, as well.
  2. Spiders and other bugs move their homes closer to yours as the temperatures drop, leaving nests and webs galore. Clean your front porch and doorway top-to-bottom with a careful eye for cobwebs that often appear overnight.
  3. Pressure wash patios and driveways, removing the year’s worth of stains and spills.
  4. Pull weeds in flower beds to make them tidy, and add new pine straw or mulch.
  5. Fall is the best time to trim back your shrubs, rose bushes, and ornamental grasses, too. Not only will your yard look well-manicured, but the plants will flourish when springtime rolls around.
  6. Plant new shrubs, trees, and flower bulbs. Planting new foliage in the fall will give the plants time to grow established root systems during the colder months, making them stronger when the Georgia summer heat sets in next year. If you’ve always wanted flower beds full of spring’s first blossoms, now is the best time to plant tulip and daffodil bulbs.

Performing these simple tasks now will pay off big when spring rolls around, and your home’s curb appeal will certainly benefit from them, too.

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