Each Vanderbilt Home carries a one-year warranty as outlined in the Homeowner Handbook published by the Great Atlanta Home Builders Association. The handbook is provided to each homeowner as part of their closing package at the time of closing.

The care and maintenance of a new home is a continual process. The handbook provides valuable information which will enable you to become as educated and knowledgeable about the homebuilding and home maintenance process as possible. It will detail easy steps you can take in preserving and protecting the many features of your new home.

In addition, our repair and warranty responsibilities are set forth in simple, easy to understand terms. The handbook defines and describes the building performance standards that are common to this area. These standards are based on the Residential Construction Performance Guidelines from the National Association of Home Builders as well as other warranty resources; and have been developed and approved by the membership of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders association after careful analysis of the industry standard and accepted building practices in Georgia.

    Warranty Request Form for Vanderbilt Homes